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    What makes a good

    moderator – or facilitator?

     It’s a big question.

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    Good moderators

    are known for

    the questions

    you can’t anticipate


What makes good research? Curiosity and comfort with uncertainty. It’s human nature to seek certainty – uncertainty connotes risk and makes us feel vulnerable. But in trying to understand anything it’s comfort with uncertainty and ambiguity -- coupled with curiosity -- that will drive a broad and deep reach for understanding vs. data. It’s discomfort with uncertainty places us at risk when we are trying to learn.


 About Us

Gloria Cantens founded 360 Strategic Consulting in 2008. In her more than 16 years of working in market research, Gloria has designed and executed a broad range of studies in North and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

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Tools are often thought of in terms of what they do or how they are used. But research questions don't always fit one tool or approach, so it helps to spend time carefully defining the question. Once this is well-fleshed out the potential solutions start to become clear.

Quali tative


Qualitative Reasearch

Qualitative research provides a more granular understanding of the dynamics around communications, products and brands.  While the small sample sizes of qualitative may not lend this approach to projectable conclusions, their power lies more in the ability to explain rather than predict. The formulation of hypotheses that can be tested with larger samples often starts with qualitative research.


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Qualitative research can take a variety of directions depending on the research question under study. Focus groups, dyads and triads are useful when exploring product and category dynamics, as well as communications, while ethnography is better suited to exploring things that are best observed -- or understanding things that respondents might not think to mention if asked.


Insight Building

With techniques grounded in Creativity and Innovation training let us show you how we can transform the learnings you already have into Insights that identify new ways forward.

Research alone doesn’t produce insights; they are developed by connecting consumer and category learning in new ways to reveal what’s truly happening. Insights are a deep understanding and vision of how things work — the dynamics driving the action in a big picture sense.

One or two good, key insights is more than most brands are working from.

But they take time and work to build.




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